plan participants

How it works

SaveOnSP administers the plan’s copay assistance benefit, facilitating the plan participant’s enrollment into the applicable manufacturer’s copay assistance program and monitoring the plan participant’s pharmacy account on behalf of the plan on an ongoing basis. SaveOnSP helps plan participants on 300+ specialty medications in over 20 therapy classes, reducing their financial responsibility and helping plan sponsors save along the way.

SaveOnSP helps by:

    1. Educating plan participants on their new plan benefit design and new copay assistance benefit
    2. Assisting plan participants with enrollment in the available manufacturer copay assistance program to lower the cost of their medication
    3. Obtaining the plan participant’s consent to monitor their pharmacy account on behalf of the plan

Plan participants qualify for this support through their employee benefit plan’s copay assistance benefit.

Talk to your plan sponsor or employer about how a copay assistance benefit administered by SaveOnSP could help both them and you save money!